Difficulty: Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday announced that we had the chance to take over the Galaxy Tab S2 8 and 9.7 inches, past shelves of the brand and presented as the high end. The firm does not really hide its desire to compete with the iPad Air 2 with these successors of Tab S of last year. They will also only on segment since there is no question of re series Note for tablets. “ Not enough profitable ” says Samsung tablet during the presentation.

This is the Tab S2 which held up the basket and as all senior product line at Samsung now they are biased to the metal. Unlike the slate of Apple, it is not used for all of the shell, but only on the armature. A design choice that can be found on the Galaxy including Alpha, or more recently on the series A.

A Galaxy A, large

Simply put, the Tab Galaxy S2 is an A5 8 or 9.7 inches. This is particularly striking because of this little shiny metal edging providing the junction between the screen and the chassis on the white model. In short, as we said in our review of the Galaxy A5, the overall design of the machine is considerable, despite this rear face in a half way between the plastic material and metal.

This alloy which is not really one, but friendly to the touch, allows besides winning a few grams. Thus, version 9.7 inch weighs only 389 grams against 437 at Apple, comparable format. It is thanks to their finesse that slates are spared the game. With 5.6 mm, it is “more refined in its class” says Samsung. True, but strangely once in hand, the feeling of smoothness is less striking than the iPad Air 2 in its time.

We do not really know why, perhaps because of this bevel size in the central part of the slices, which paradoxically gives the feeling that the tablet is more intrinsically refined by artifice.

4: 3

Format change also for this generation of tablet Samsung. The Korean has – finally – decided to move in 4: 3, “ more aligned with the uses “, especially for reading. Something Apple has understood for a long time. The contrast ratio may in displease those who watch a lot of movies on their slate.

The Tab S2 obviously benefit slabs Super AMOLED with all that this implies in terms of contrast and color rendering. It’s all good at first glance, the slab should roughly climb level to that of the Galaxy S6. No trouble to do at the resolution either.

Note, however, that switching to 4: 3 Samsung has slightly reduced the definition of its slab from 2560 x 1600 to 2048 x 1536, making it mathematically lower the resolution since one remains on the 9.7-inch. It therefore becomes exactly the same as the iPad Air 2 (264 ppi) and the change is imperceptible to the eye.

Exynos Inside

If at the time the announcement, Samsung does not specifically give the reference of the processor, our grip confirmed that it was indeed a Exynos 5433, a 64-bit chip, four eight-core are clocked at 1.9 GHz and four 1.3 GHz. The graphic calculations are provided by a Mail-T760.

The first benchs made on slate, in a non-final version are encouraging turning around 53 000 points in AnTuTu, it should not be too much trouble to do in performance. Multitasking – still well managed by the overlay – also work without much trouble thanks to 3 GB of RAM.

There are two options for storage: 32 or 64 GB, it will be possible to expand with a MicroSD card (128GB max). Samsung also offers 100GB of onedrive, Microsoft’s cloud service. The applications of the Office suite is also integrated by default. The Korean also offers 2 free trial to read Le Monde and L’Equipe on its tablet, 3 months for a Kiosk service offering various press titles.

Finally, note for the technical part the presence of sensors 8 and 2.1 mpx. Note that they are still prominent (especially on the model 8 inches), which is not necessarily aesthetic, but that is how Samsung. The batteries are of a capacity of 5870 mAh and 4000 mAh on models 9.7 and 8 inches, respectively. The Home button integrates a fingerprint sensor operating like the GS6: just place your finger. It notes, but difficult to judge these issues on a simple grip.

From 399 euros

Samsung offer with its various covers tablets that will attach to the back with a magnetic fastening system. One of them incorporate a keyboard and it will be sold 149 euros only for the 9.7-inch model.

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