Customers refuse to pay to avoid mobile advertising

There are many users who do not wish to see advertising when they browse online, but few are willing to pay for not having on their mobile. Although predictable, this finding is verified by the latest study published by AppLovin. This marketing analysis company surveyed 5,000 American adults whether or not they were willing to put their hands in their pockets to pay a kind of monthly fee.

On smartphone, ads are legion and 67% of respondents say they do not want to pay for anything besides their phone subscription. AppLovin therefore wanted to know what would be the appropriate amount for such a service.

Analysts said the fact to remove advertising would cost about $ 5 per month per user. But now it is only 19% of the population says it is ready to make this gesture. And nearly 33% of respondents would pay at least $ 2

to go a little further, the study then separated the surveyed population into two categories. High incomes (over $ 75k) and low income (under $ 75k). Although the set is predominantly on paying nothing, 37% of higher income would pay at least $ 2 per month to remove advertising from their smartphone, 11% pay out 5 dollars and 5% would exceed $ 10.

An advertisement without experience can have a price, but many ad blockers exist on Android and perhaps soon on iOS. Fortunately, consumers are now aware of the usefulness of digital advertisements. The ads enable among others to have free access to content and services online; thing that almost 80% of Americans understand and accept! If we put aside the advertisement blocking, whether paid or free, Internet users prefer to watch ads to keep browsing for free and they simply do not pay more. Logic!

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