CPA, a desktop multifunction device

Designer Kenzo Athuro devised a fairly innovative concept for a desktop high-tech intelligent and intuitive using laser technology. The device is called Cartel Personal Assistant.

Cartel was carried out with Valentin Sollier and Valentin Gauffre to facilitate the daily lives of office employees and maximize their productivity while maintaining contact with their relatives via mail and other social networks. Cartel Personal Assistant displays an advanced design and sophisticated. The device has touch controls and an LED display on its top cover. These touch controls are supplemented by virtual drives for human-computer interaction. Indeed, Cartel Personal Assistant projects a keyboard and a virtual interface on a flat surface. Equipped with sensors that recognize finger movement, the device converts the surface touch interface improvised.

Arthur Kenzo added that resolutely hi-tech device is able to record everything in the absence of its owner. The trio of designers has created this concept for ALCATEL LUMEN.

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