Business applications: Dropbox would be the most blacklisted

The mobility still remains a major thorn in the side of a business security policy: BYOD is often appropriate in this area and the companies that adopt other approaches must tackle to deploy MDM type solutions in order to have some visibility on the habits and customs of their users.

This is also the niche of the company MobileIron today released statistics on the security of mobile applications, from data collected from its customers.

We learn that among the most frequently blocked applications by CIOs surveyed by the company, it is not Angry Bird who wins the prize, but Dropbox , the game of Rovio does indeed wins the second place. MobileIron a trend reflected in the rest of the rankings: the top ten most frequently blocked applications, the company noted that 5 of them are for sharing and synchronization of business files.

“The public versions of these apps frighten IT departments the extent of business data may be lost. Fortunately, the business versions of many of these apps are available, “said Mike Raggo, director of security research at MobileIron.

MobileIron explains that the challenge posed by mobile devices is that the user generally has control over his machine and not the administrator, as could be the case for the workstations. User rarely aware of the rules in place within the company information security policy, when it considers the issues related to mobile security.

According MobileIron, over 53% of companies have a terminal and not obeying the rules issued by the PSI.

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