Bug on Facebook: private photos of Mark Zuckerberg unveiled

Protecting privacy is a real problem on Facebook.

Internet users often complain about. This time, even the creator of Facebook should complain.

Following a security bug, private photos of Mark Zuckerberg have been unveiled.

Facebook has acknowledged the bug and said the correcting on Tuesday.

Bug? The tool for reporting inappropriate pictures made ​​some private photos visible to anyone, not even be friends with the person.

“We discovered today a bug that allowed everyone to see a limited number of recently uploaded photos, regardless of privacy settings assigned. This was the result of a recent update of our code and function remained online for a limited time. We immediately turned off the system and do not reactivate until the bug has been fixed, “said a spokesman for the company cited in 20 Minutes.

Mark with friends, a dog, a chicken … and Obama

Facebook has acknowledged the bug and have fixed  Tuesday. Tuesday night, everything was in the odrdre, says 20 Minutes.

Of Internet users still had time to finding a dozen private photos to the account of Mark Zuckerberg. Nothing very compromising, we see with friends, his dog, or … he holds a live chicken by the legs (the creator of Facebook that would eat the animals he killed …).

So be careful if you want to keep private photos: this is not the first time faults on Facebook. January In 2011, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page was hacked already as well.

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