Bose SoundTrue Ultra

One reason for the success of in-ear headphones from Bose is that they are designed for those who do not like having a tip planted in the ears. The secret lies in the system in which the tabs StayHear ends conform to the shape of the ear and hold it in place while providing a floating sensation. The SoundTrue In-Ear, In-Ear SoundSport are among the most comfortable headphones on the market. However, they have a defect: their open design that lets the ambient noise. The new headphones SoundTrue Ultra respond to this problem with an insulation system. They are available at 149 euros in two colors (black and white) and in two versions for Android and iOS.

The insulation which is here in question has nothing to do with active noise reduction technology that equips the earphones QuietComfort QC20 / QC20i . The main development of Ultra SoundTrue the design of bits and spurs StayHear Ultra. We find the usual design of traditional conical tips, but here they attached to the pin are longer and slightly curved to better fit the shape of the pinna. Once in place, the atria are well maintained through the pins and isolate outside noise without being driven into the ear canal.

Bose Soundtrue Ultra

The fit is really excellent. The user can wear these headphones for long periods in total comfort. Their lightness is for many. This is due to their material: pastique. Why they can then wonder so expensive … Bose advance that this plastic “high-tech” in terms of comfort …

The headphones are equipped with a wired remote control which is identical to that found in other models of. As we have said, the SoundTrue Ultra are available in Android and iOS versions with specific commands for each OS. The headphones work fine for making calls, especially in noisy environments thanks to the insulation system. They come with a nice carrying pouch, very compact.

Bose Soundtrue Ultra

For connectivity, taking the Bose SoundTrue Ultra is right and not in L. The latter has the advantage of being more robust but not necessarily adapted to the use of protections for smartphones. Bose knows the users of its products and has ensured that the mini-jack “right” can slip through any protective shell. The decision is not as compact as that of Apple EarPod, but close.

also added that the cord itself is not very thick, but seems very durable. It was also designed to avoid knots. It easily rolls up for easy storage in the pocket.


Bose Soundtrue Ultra

is often criticized for the presence of Bose bass too pervasive in the sound from his earphones and speakers. The SoundTrue Ultra offer a clean, balanced sound to suit all styles of music. Some may find the bass a little weaklings bottom of the spectrum, but we personally found them powerful enough. The highs are soft and mediums (voice) clear and warm.

We have tried these SoundTrue Ultra our colleague CNET Ty Pendlebury is very picky in this area and he surprised us by worshiping them both for their comfort and sound. Ty did not like bass headphones and loaded his musical tastes have turned to rock. It turns out that the Ultra suited him perfectly.

In this price range, we also love the Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2, Etymotic HF5 and IE DX160 Beyerdynamic. But Bose headphones are more comfortable. We also compared the Ultra SoundTrue to Sphear of Focal. The latter are more “exciting” and deliver more bass. They are in particular very good on pieces of jazz with more presence and immediacy than Bose. But the push transparency Sphear tends to accentuate the flaws on poorly recorded songs or feeble technical quality (encoding).

Bose Soundtrue Ultra

The Focal headphones are also more powerful than the Bose. Some users have complained about the loudness of Ultra they deemed insufficient. The maximum volume is approximately 10-20% lower than many market headphones. Since it is the first really in-ear model of the brand, it may be that Bose has played caution by clamping just the maximum volume to prevent people from damaging the eardrums. Personally, we found the sound loud enough.

We saw a few comments about the noise from the cord rubbing against clothing that means quite clearly. It is actually present but not excessive.

We really enjoyed the Bose SoundTrue Ultra for both their comfort and audio quality. A 150 euros they are a bit expensive, but really worth it if you are looking for a pair of comfortable headphones, insulated with her very own.

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