Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport – After multiplying the variations of its in-ear headphones, Bose finally tightened its range to keep only its models “open” and SoundSport SoundTrue Ultra. The latter being the first model of the brand has a passive noise isolation system. Note that the very good SoundTrue “home” is always available.

Bose All models in this range offer the same sound except the QuietComfort 20 that is equipped with an active reduction system noise. But it costs nearly 300 euros.

The SoundSport is available in France is 130 euros with a built-in microphone remote. There are Android and iOS, knowing that it is available in 5 different colors.

Bose Soundsport

Like all Bose in-ear headphones, the Soundsport is thought to those who do not like having a nozzle stuck in ears. The secret lies in the system StayHear which the tabs match the shape of the ear and keep them in place while providing comfort in any case a very different sensation-ear “classic”. Three sizes of tips are available to suit all types of ears. Most users find this very comfortable system. But be aware that the open design lets a lot of noise and that these headphones will not fit in a noisy environment.

Bose SoundTrue come with a cable 115 cm, medium length, sufficient without being annoying. That of SoundSport is slightly shorter (106 cm). It is specially designed and adapted for sport. These headphones are also resistant to sweat, which is not the case for SoundTrue. The first ship with a circular carrying pouch and carabiner while the latter fall into a rectangular case matches the color of the chosen model.

The integrated cable remote is well thought out and is easy to use blindly. The sound quality for phone calls is good. However, SoundTrue Ultra works even better thanks to its insulation system. The headphone jack is right and not in L, but is compact and fits most smartphones hulls.

Bose Soundsport


Apart SoundTrue Ultra, other in-ear headphones brand use the same type of speaker. The sound is okay but you can find more efficient models in this price range with the added bonus of better sound insulation. However, it is clear that Bose has a real know-how to get a very balanced sound with good bass.

The mediums are correct, but we were not impressed by the level of detail delivered and the harsh treble. A combination that does not render the subtlety of some songs. That said, all of Bose in-ear headphones come out relatively good sound with all music genres. In fact, outside of audiophiles, most listeners should be satisfied.

Bose Soundsport

By comparison, the SoundTrue Ultra offers clearer sound and a little more depth. His most insulating design also proves more effective, especially in loud places. Still, if you use headphones to travel by bike or run, better opt for a model that let outside sounds. Moreover, the SoundTrue SoundSport and do not capture the sound of the audio cord friction against clothing when moving, which is the case of SoundTrue Ultra.

We always recommend headphones “open “Bose to anyone who wanted an in-ear model without wanting to sink a tip in the ear canal. And given the design type, SoundTrue combine comfort and quality of its hard to beat. Many expect Bose so a wireless version of SoundSport and it is quite possible that the builder works there. But until this current SoundSport are a great choice for anyone looking for comfortable in-ear headphones with superior sound correct.

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