Bose SoundLink Mini II

What is the best product of Bose? Hard to say … However, the SoundLink Mini undeniably holds the rope. This speaker Compact Bluetooth output in 2013 offers sound and build quality that remain references to the Bluetooth mobile speaker worlds. Given its size, sound quality it delivers is all the more impressive. His price of around 200 euros is reasonable.

Here comes its successor, the SoundLink Mini II at the same price. Bose now offers its Bluetooth speaker in two colors: carbon black and pearl gray. It corrects some minor flaws in the first version with the arrival of a hands-free function and a better autonomy

(photo: Daniel Pascoal).


The Bose SoundLink SoundLink Mini and Mini II are similar feature for feature and display a similar weight of 670 g. The incorporation of a microphone for making phone calls hands-free is one of the major developments of this new generation. The other big improvement is the autonomy that goes from 7 to 10 hours. The battery is now performed by a standard micro USB cable instead of an AC adapter owner. Like its big sister, a docking station for charging accompanies the SoundLink mini II. The latter can be charged independently. It has its own micro-USB port

(photo: Daniel Pascoal).

The careful design of the SoundLink Mini might suggest that it comes straight from Apple labs. A print which results from its aluminum unibody which encircles the two loudspeakers and the metal grids at the front and at the rear. Or perhaps is it related to the fact that, once in hand, she seems much more consistent than the small plastic mobile Bluetooth speaker flooding the market. Anyway, the Bose SoundLink Mini II is a compact Bluetooth wireless speaker of the most elegant

(photo: Daniel Pascoal).

The SoundLink Mini II can be associated with two devices simultaneously. One can then switch from one to another to play music. The enclosure known store up to eight different devices. A more convenient function which avoids having to reconnect its devices. Bose improves its process of association and identification with voice notifications that set the terminal name at login.

To protect your SoundLink Mini II, protective rubber caches are optional for 25 euros with a choice of nine colors

(photo: Daniel Pascoal).


For far as we can tell, the audio rendering has not changed. It was impressive the SoundLink Mini. It is just as the SoundLink Mini II. The bass presence is truly amazing for a speaker of this size. The rest of the sound spectrum with a clear and natural sound. The Bose SoundLink Mini (the I as II) proves the perfect enclosure for a bedroom, kitchen or other small parts

(photo:. Daniel Pascoal)

We compared the SoundLink Mini II to the Sony SRS-X55, a Bluetooth speaker a little larger in the same price range. These are two very good speakers, the Sony model giving the best of itself when plugged in.

Spatialization of the Bose wants more extensive and it excels with the acoustic parts it puts a little more value than Sony. Songs like “Valerie-Live” Amy Winehouse, “Strange” Laura Marling and “Silent Lucidity” Queensryche sound excellently on Bose. However, the SoundLink Mini II is less at ease on rock or complex music loaded bass.

If you push the volume, the enclosure will compensate by clamping slightly and by capping certain frequencies to avoid distortion. The sound performance is excellent when one is confined below 75% of maximum volume.

Like many of his cronies, the SoundLink Mini II does not produce stereo effect. Some speakers such as EU Boom or Megaboom can pair to increase power or create a true stereo sound. This is not possible with Bose that is made to work solo

Bose offers two other mobile Bluetooth speaker. The SoundLink III (300 euros) which is largest and SoundLink Color , lighter and more affordable (140 euro). The SoundLink Mini II is placed between the two with good price and features that go well. It’s hard to go wrong with the SoundLink Mini II. This is one of the best compact speakers market with a beautiful design, a sound more solid and precise, good battery life and features further improved compared to the first model.

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