Big data: a global market in full bloom

According to IDC, the market Big data and Analytics (or “BDA”) is expected to exceed $ 125 billion by the end of 2015. A large number of studies converge on the affirmation that budgets for Big data in business will grow strongly. Thus, just the visual data discovery solutions market, related to Big Data, will grow 2.5 times faster than BI solutions (Business Intelligence) by 2018.

The Vanson Bourne study has calculated that the share of spending on big data in the IT budgets of large companies in the world, should be a quarter of the total IT budget in 2018, against 18% today. Another study, sponsored by Cap Gemini (03/2015), 61% of companies find that Big Data can become “growth engine in its own right”, is considered as valuable as their existing products and services. “43% companies have already restructured or are currently restructuring to exploit the potential of Big Data.

And 36% of managers ‘trades’ interviewed reveal not having waited their IT department to develop solutions to analyze . and use data needed to develop their activity

The alternative by the Cloud

IDC provides the explanation of this phenomenon of “shadow IT” in the case of Big data: a many solutions become available on the cloud. In the next 5 years, spending on big data analytics solutions (BDA) based on the cloud will grow three times faster than those deployed internally, ‘on-premise ‘. IDC adds: “In 2018, investment in the ‘self-service’ to users in that area, will become a necessity for all companies. ”

By 2017, new architectures unified data platform, the type Vertica Analytics (acquired by HP) will support these initiatives ‘BDA’. Since 2015, an acceleration takes hold. This type of applications will grow 65% faster than those without predictive functions. IDC also anticipates that the qualified personnel deficit in these areas will continue. Nothing on the United States, jobs related strictly to the “analytics” will exceed 181,000 by the end of 2015, and this will be 5 times more if we widen this segment to overall management and interpretation of . data

Ingestion of external data is also confirmed: in late 2014, 70% of large organizations had already purchased external data; in 2019, 100% have so virtually and does so with the intent for most of them, monetize, otherwise add value to their content “data”.

Predictions converging

By 2019, the decision management platforms will grow 60% annually “to meet the expectations of business and leaders,” says IDC. Before the end of 2015, the resources of “analytics” oriented “rich media” (video, audio, images …) have tripled. And by 2018, half of consumers will interact with services relying regularly on cognitive treatments.

It is interesting to note that IDC and the Institute IIA (Institute of International Analytics) recently shared these predictions:

  • security will become one of the ‘ killer apps’ of BDA solutions; because the analysis tools will be a first line of defense, combining ‘machine learning’, ‘text mining’ and detection tools, prevention and prediction
  • the Internet of Things (IoT) will become a very important issue for applications BDA: this market is already showing an annual growth rate of + 30%. This universe of objects connected to the Internet is also reflected by the proliferation of data from a multitude of sensors oriented anomaly detection, sensors always bringing more data to analyze.
  • 2015 will be marked with an inflection point in the investment in the “most organizations mobilizing”: “They are keen to generate and monetize new sources of data unique, original,” says IIA

who has already launched?

Various studies published in recent months concur that approximately 2 out of 3 companies have already taken the first step towards the Big Data. The consulting firm Nemertes confirms: 65% of organizations have already launched a big data initiative and plan to go further. “While countless progressing initiatives, organizations started a specific project focus less on technical barriers that they know how to solve than the value of the results,” says an official of the firm.

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