Apple on track to sell 21 million a year on Apple Watch (Asymco)

Tim Cook has said many times, no way to communicate for the moment on the associated sales and revenues of Apple Watch. For, he justifies this is strategic information that would serve competition. . Let Estimates nevertheless multiplied since the launch of the Apple Watch v1 – figures that the CEO of the Cupertino company says not even read. And according to a new forecast of Asymco, Apple could make a good start, despite the many questions about the prospects of new product and even market these connected devices.

The analyst Horace Dediu, quoted by Fortune estimates that over one year, shipments would rise to 21 million units at an average selling price of $ 400. Why that amount? For the best-selling model is the Sport Watch, the entry level of Apple, whose price fluctuates between 349 and 399 dollars.

To achieve this balance of 21 million watches sold through Apple connected in the first year, the analyst Asymco down its estimate as follows: three million in the 3rd quarter (fiscal quarter Apple launch) 4 million in Q4, 8 million in the first fiscal quarter (October-December 2015) and finally 6 million in Q2 2016.

If Apple actually achieves this, this new activity will allow it to generate 8.4 billion year figure of dollars the first year, and also do better in volume than for the iPhone and iPad – respectively 5.4 and 19.5 million units – albeit more devices expensive to purchase.

Another element of comparison: according Smartwatch Group, the market for connected watches accounted for 6.8 million units sold in 2014, for an average selling price of only $ 189

This forecast. it is more in line with Apple’s own ambitions? No need to ask. Contacted by our colleagues, the American manufacturer still refuses the slightest comment.

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