Apple iPad mini 4

Apple iPad mini 4 2016. There are a few years, the iPad mini was our favorite tablet. Its 7.9 inches Retina display and small footprint accompanied us everywhere throughout the day and we even came in to question the need for a larger iPad. What about today as the smallest of the Apple tablet is in its fourth generation and that the manufacturer has released a “giant tablet: l iPad Pro Since then? phones have become the largest and most versatile laptops. Therefore, there he is always room for an iPad and tablets in general? A question that keeps coming from the latter appeared. They meet a need, more and more domestic. A terminal that is placed here and there, which were seized for not access computer. In this context, the iPad mini 4 is placed in correct position. We find Apple’s iOS ecosystem that has proven over the years. We like or not, but its qualities are undeniable.

The iPad mini 3 2014 was a minimum update with the addition of Touch ID fingerprint reading system. The mini 4 appears as a real evolution with the adoption of A8 processor, a slightly improved picture sensor and a Retina display, offering over depth in color and brighter. It is a bonus thinner and lighter. Like the iPad Air and iPad 2 Pro, it also supports the split screen function that offers iOS 9.


In many respects, the iPad mini 4 is a iPad Air 2 miniature, but it is almost as expensive: 399 euros for the 16GB model, 505 euros for the 64 GB and 605 euros for the 128GB It takes 120 euros. more about each model to buy a version compatible with cellular networks. Finally, the mini iPad 4 costs 100 euros less than iPad 2. Air But when you spend so much money in a tablet, why not directly opt for the top model? The reverse is also true given that the iPad mini 2 is still on the market with a rate that rose to 299 euros for the 16GB version. Of course, it did not touch the ID reader and it is a little less efficient than the mini 4. But it is widely the case for common tasks by providing a display quality very close

The iPad mini. 4: thinner but slightly larger than the mini 3

The main attraction of the mini iPad is its size and this argument is still valid. The iOS operating system 9 also brings a lot and this is perhaps the best incentive to choose this model. If you enjoy this format and do not have PHABLET, then the mini 4 is a good option. But those with a mini iPad 2 or 3 do not frankly interest to switch to this model.


The days of a clear distinction between the sizes screen and the associated functionality is gone. The boundaries are more blurred and permeable. If you own a smartphone 5-inch or more, the 7.9 inches screen of the iPad mini 4 in 4: 3 ratio, is more comfortable for productivity applications that a 16: 9 format. The mini is more comfortable to read and is easily into a bag. We’re also served to make in landscape mode notes. But then we can also watch movies, play and do many things on a PHABLET. So the iPhone 6 or 6S More More screen and 5.5 can meet the same requirements.

The screen of the iPad mini 4 is better than the previous two models. Defining its slab with Retina technology is yet the same (2048 x 1536 pixels), but the screen has the antireflection coating and laminated technology of the iPad Air and iPad 2 Pro. The difference is significant, the colors are richer and more vivid. This is equivalent to what offers the iPad 2. Air


We find the front camera of 1.2 megapixel resolution than other iPad. However, it inherits the burst mode. However, the rear camera sensor from 5 to 8 megapixels like the iPad 2. Air Performance is sufficient to make small personal films, but no more. The iPad mini 4, like its predecessors, proves a perfect tool to make video calls via FaceTime or Skype.

Du multitasking, yes, but a little cramped

One of the key arguments for the mini iPad 4 is the emergence of shared window mode brings iOS 9. But its operation is uneven. Simple applications such as Twitter messages or operate without difficulty. However, taking note associated with web browsing proved less satisfactory, particularly because of the size of screen. The option is significant, it must be confessed. But if multitasking is really important to you, then you better consider a longer diagonal.


The iPad mini A8 processor 4 is slightly faster than the version which equips the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus or iPod Touch (recently updated) . The iPad mini 4 embarks more RAM (2 GB), but the processor technology dates back more than a year. This may explain why some games like “Geometry Wars 3″, which turn smoothly on the iPad Air 2 are less impressive on the mini iPad 4. Air A8X chip 2 is always more effective. The 2015 has a new iPhone A9 processor while the iPad Pro receives a A9X.

The scores benchmarks Geekbench 3 of 3 Apple iPad mini, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4

We did not encounter any particular difficulties to do what we wanted with the mini iPad 4. We were able to play our favorite games (“Geometry Wars 3 “,” Hearthstone “,” Legend of Grimrock “) and to perform many daily tasks (email, Twitter, web browsing, Netflix, Kindle …). This iPad Mini 4 delivers solid performance and did not disappoint.

In terms of autonomy, the results are good but not spectacular. On our video playback test loop with airplane mode enabled, the iPad mini 4 h 34 min 9 holds. It is half an hour less than 10 hours announced by Apple. A mini iPad 2 iOS 9.1 newly acquired holds 11 h 22 min on the same test. Admittedly, we never had a problem of autonomy in daily use. Probably the downside to the extra power enjoyed by the mini iPad 4 and its compactness and lightness.


The iPad sales continue to decline and it is in this context evolves the mini iPad 4. Consumers no longer simply need a new iPad every year. If you have a newer model than the first generation iPad or iPad mini, it probably still works fine and you can install iOS 9. Besides now a phone or laptop can do what that makes an iPad. Apple has also not made much noise about the output of mini 4 and is easy to understand why: the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have a A9 processor and a 3D-capable display while the iPad Touch Pro features a giant screen, accessories and a A9X chip. The mini iPad 4 is not as “sexy” as these new but it is nevertheless a welcome development in the range.


Our main concern to this model is its obsolescence “suspected” within a year. Besides multitasking, it does not have the latest hardware developments iOS (including 3D Touch). We see the iPad mini 2 offers a better price / quality ratio. We are very curious to see what look like the iPad Mini 5. It surely will be an even more important development. This year looks like a transition phase: status quo with the iPad 2 and Air beautiful evolution (but contained) for the mini iPad 4.

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