Android: more than 24,000 different terminals. Samsung reigns supreme

If Google makes a monthly update on the fragmentation of Android, it finally book relatively few statistics. This is not the case of OpenSignal, the editor of a popular application of measurement data consumption, which focuses on the issue since 2012. This time, no less than 682,000 units which have been audited and analyzed.

Before the OS, the fragmentation of Android, it is primarily the terminals whose diversity is impressive. The publisher has recorded no fewer than 24,093 terminals against less than 19,000 last year and 11,800 in 2013, further illustrate the growth of Android in the world.
A good variety for the consumer not to the developer

Another lesson, the Samsung weight which represents 37.8% of the observed park. The Galaxy S III is the most popular among the audited users of the application before the S4 and S5. But the South Korean giant loses its luster, its share was 47.5% in the previous study. LG, Sony and Motorola completed the podium. Followed by Chinese Lenovo and Huawei. To note, the presence of Nokia in 14th place with the X based on an Android fork, line now abandoned by Microsoft.

But for the end customer, this fragmentation should have good side consumer, the big Android ecosystem strength has always been the possibility to choose a device perfectly suited to its specifications, facing the wide choice available. This trend continues this year with a number of devices and manufacturers Android never seen before. “

OS side, when Apple with iOS boastful 8 installed on 85% of the park, Google must always maintain a high degree of fragmentation (9 versions in circulation) with a KitKat still very dominant (39%) and a Lollipop struggling to pierce (18% ). And prehistoric versions still carry some weight: 4.6% Gingerbread, 5.6% Ice Cream Sandwich or more than 33% for Jelly Bean. Not enough to ease the work of developers, a real headache,” said OpenSignal same.

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