Android and iOS deceived by hackers using radio waves

The security researchers alongside members of the State Security Agency (Anssi), have developed a technique to inject voice commands in iOS and Android devices.

The technique is detailed in a document published by the IEEE. It requires a headset (with microphone) is connected to the phone. To transmit voice commands stealth, experts will use the microphone of the headset as an antenna with radio waves.

The attack by electromagnetic interference

Group researchers therefore transmits radio waves, transformed into electrical and interpreted then by the smartphone as voice commands signals – except that they are completely silent

Security experts can thus by. via voice capabilities of Android and iOS perform different actions: send email, visit a booby-trapped web page, etc.

“We present a clever use of intentional electromagnetic interference, leading to finer effects of an information system on a classic denial of service “summarized the authors to describe the subject of their work.

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