Air Camera: Transforming fingers camera

Take a photo or capture a video without having to unsheathe a camera , it would one day be possible with Air Camera, invented the device designer Su Yeon Kim.

The Air Guitar Rocker is what the Air Camera is the photographer. Without visible camera, the device comprises only two parts that look like rings. The first is a voltage sensor and is worn around the thumb. The second, it is worn around the index and embeds the objective and the ON / OFF button. To take the pictures, just pretend to keep a camera between your fingers and move the index finger as if you really pressed a button on the camera. The sensor detects the movement of the thumb and trigger the sensor to take the picture. For video, it is necessary to form a half circle with the hand, as when holding a camcorder in hand.

Air Camera is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The images and videos captured are then stored on the memory of the mobile. Air Camera is currently a concept.

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