Advertisement: Facebook to assault YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed king of online video but Facebook is becoming a formidable challenger with 4 billion videos a day read by 1.4 billion friendly members. Obviously, Facebook enjoys an advantage: automatic opening video (autoplay) on the news feed, what panic quickly counters. Still, the social network wants to better monetize this audience and thus tackle the fortress, a subsidiary of Google.

“We conduct a new test videos ‘suggested’ which allows people to find similar videos to those they loved, “said a spokesman told AFP. These suggested videos will be accompanied by advertisements that open automatically and with sound enabled by default …

With the sound

The editors of these videos (from a handful ) will receive 55% of revenue related to the display of these ads, the social network will retain the remainder. These revenues will be set according to the length videos. A pub associated with a content of one minute will reach a fifth of the 55%, if the content is 4 minutes, the compensation will reach 4 / 5th of 55%.

To differentiate themselves from YouTube that offers the same model, Facebook states that the ads will run after viewing several videos while Google subsidiary systematized pubs before each video.

Furthermore, still with the aim of distancing Youtube, the king of social networks intends to use the data users to offer them more personalized clips. The price of advertising space has not been specified by cons.

With this offensive, Facebook could trim the annuity YouTube that sucks a lot of the advertising revenue on the Web. But there is a safe bet that the giant is not standing still.

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