Adrenaline: the Crucial SSD cache

Crucial has announced a “new” SSD to serve as a cache, the Adrenaline. This technique, more and more popular, is to use a small capacity SSD (in this case 50 GB) hard disk in parallel, using the first cache in the second. The technology is transparent to the user, who sees only the hard disk capacity, but performance approaching that of an SSD by automatically moving data used often on the SSD. For people who use their computers the same way every day, the gain is significant. The Adrenaline itself is a mere 64 GB Crucial M4 with some of the reserved memory for increased service life, with many entries as the cache system.

The SSD will come with software to manage caching with Windows 7 and with brackets to connect the SSD in a boîtier.Rappelons Intel offers a solution of this type with some of its chipsets and that the company proposes to SSDs also optimized for this use, that are equipped with 20 GB of SLC.

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