Adblockers for iOS: Apple finally some limitations

Apple opened Pandora’s box by offering developers the opportunity to propose to adblockers Safari mobile browser. But now the Cupertino company does not completely loose flange: several commercials blocking applications are indeed being removed from the app store from Apple, after being approved in a first time.

The process seems still running side Apple: earlier this week, many media wondered approval on the App Store Been implementation of Choice. This application allowed to block advertisements in Safari, but especially in native applications installed on the device, like Apple News which offers its own InApp advertising formats.

To do this, Been Choice is not simply satisfied to use the API Blocking happy inaugurated by Apple, which allows only block ads in Safari. According to Apple, the application installs a new root authentication certificate on the device, to analyze the traffic and block requests applications in the direction of advertising agencies.

A solution that works, but that presents a security risk to the user, because it is a man in the middle attack: the application is positioned as intermediary between the client and the application server . In a reaction published by Engadget, Apple states that these are the security considerations that prompted him to withdraw applications utilizing this method of its app store, and the builder works in conjunction with developers to restore their Access to the App store.

Security … and everything else

Been Choice The developers have also announced their intention to propose a rapid implementation without options to block advertising in Facebook applications, Pinterest, Google and Yahoo in order to resurface again in the App Store.

If security considerations are obviously a very good reason for Apple to block these applications, however, difficult not to think of the recent launch of Apple News in the US, the native application from Apple for the press and whose business model is based on advertising. It seems clear that applications proposing to block advertising in native applications will put a spoke in the wheels of the business related to the new project from Apple, but neither one nor the other of the protagonists do not mention this aspect.

The economic model of Been Choice also deserves some attention here: the application certainly will block advertising as a standard adblocker, but he has another mode, called “Earn” which lets advertising and reward the user via a points system, awarded in exchange for collection of its navigation data. Choice Been plays both ways, providing firstly a pub blocking service and the other a tracking tool for its users.

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