ABC, a customizable multi-function keyboard

For those who are tired of the physical keys and want to touch for all-day, the concept has all ABC Keyboard keyboard ideal. This is 100% touch a keyboard with more interesting features designed by Yaroslav Neliubov.

ABC Keyboard displays a look of both minimalist and elegant design with its polished. The virtual buttons are arranged on an LCD touch screen display initially in black and white. However, the appearance of the keyboard could not be more customizable. The user can provide specific colors to certain buttons or keyboard in full. ABCD Keyboard ignores notions as the QWERTY key layout is also customizable to control. The keypad can give way to preview a page. For fans of PC games, ABC Keyboard can be configured specifically for a video game and show only the useful buttons to the game in question.

That’s not all, this accessory is distinguished from other concepts keyboard because it has other features. Indeed, ABC features a CD player like a laptop keyboard, a USB port and SD card input.



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