A ticket to find them all

It is not always easy to locate when traveling in a cruise ship. It is very easy to get lost with all floors, all corridors, halls and many other passages. To address these concerns, a group of five designers came up with an innovative concept.

This is a super sophisticated electronic ticket. The size of a credit card, it has a clear digital display and touch. This ticket shows a map of the ship showing the position of its holder. It lists all the parts and the strategic areas of the ship. This device is also able to display messages when the master wishes to make an announcement to all passengers. The crew in turn can see the locations of all passengers from a terminal remotely connected to electronic tickets. Thus, in an emergency, they can easily identify a passenger and the back.

This futuristic electronic ticket was designed by Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Xiameng Hu and Qiao Song. It is currently only concept.

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