A system that detects drowsy drivers

For safe driving, the company Denso has developed an intelligent system that can detect drowsy drivers.

The system is vaguely reminiscent of those of Ford (Lane Keeping Aid), Volvo and Mercedes, to the extent they relate to tired drivers. Unlike Ford, Denso focuses on the driver not the vehicle. The system, instead of monitoring the movement of the car detects 17 points on the face of the driver. These points are used to see how the driver is awake and concentrate on driving. A camera films the individual at all times for that. The alert level of the driver is rated on a scale of 1 to 6. When the facial scan result is rather low, the system prompts the driver to stop for a break.

This system based on facial expressions was presented at the auto show in Tokyo recently. Possible commercialization has not yet been cited.

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