5 applications to create complex graphics and professional

Certainly, the latest version of Excel offers new chart types. But none of them can replace a good solution dedicated to creating flowchart or diagram. 5 applications that allow to see clearly in complex ideas.

1. Nevron Draw, the general small and convenient tool

Draw Nevron himself as “the best alternative to Microsoft Visio.” This brick allows for diagrams (including those fishbone), organizational charts or mind maps. To do this, a large library of predefined shapes, barcodes, formulas and algorithms are available to users. You can of course print productions, export it as a PDF or image file.

The editor mentions that the desktop version of solution offers exactly the same look and feel and even features in Windows and Mac. Nevron Draw is also available in SaaS mode, accessible by a browser. But you must install and enable Silverlight to run the solution in this context. Note that Nevron Draw is available in standalone or embedded in the desktop version of Nevron Office suite, which also contains the word processor Writer Online.

Nevron Draw is available for testing. Then a $ 39 license can continue using the solution with included daily updates for a period of 12 months. The solution is available in English.

The Nevron website

2. SmartDraw, the choice of templates

Again, SmartDraw is presented as an alternative to Microsoft Visio. The editors emphasize specificity: “Instead of starting the project by a white sheet, SmartDraw provides you the exact template for you” ensure the promoters of the solution. Whether it’s a calendar, a schedule of crisis, a ground plane or graphics, the proposed library is for many trades and industries. 70 chart types are available.

The solution offers a more automatic realignment functionality to streamline the creative process. Finally, the graphics produced in SmartDraw integrate into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or SharePoint. They are available if needed for a cloud service, making them accessible from any place connected …. Available for Windows or SaaS service via a browser (direct backup to DropBox and can Drive), you must purchase the solution for printing graphics without annoying watermark.

The standard version is usually available for $ 297, Business version for 397 dollars with an extended visual library. The Enterprise version is acquired for 697 dollars. Integration capabilities of the solution are then fully available. A substantial discount is offered on all versions until 25 November 2015. The product is available in English.

SmartDraw’s website

3. MindNode, and Apple Watch declination

Unlike the two solutions mentioned above, MindNode focuses on making mind maps. But it is available in French. The mind maps are used to formalize ideas visually, and leave a trace of effective and constructive brainstorming sessions. And unlike the SmartDraw editor, that of MindNode assured: it should think about the content, not the templates to work effectively

The solution can be tried. free, and is for Mac users, iPhone and iPad. It uses course all the features allowed by iCloud and AirDrop. It is available on Apple Watch for its iOS.

Note, however, the iPad version is similar to the one proposed on Mac, but it is indeed two different products. both versions are therefore charged indépendement.
The iOS version is charged 9.99 dollars. The OSX version costs 29.99 dollars.

The website MindNode

4. OmniGraffle

Again, OmniGraffle is only usable by those with a Mac or iPad. The iPad version has been updated for the iPad Pro and his famous pencil. Consequence: it becomes possible to draw shapes in pencil and interprets software with a form of recognition feature to adjust quickly. This feature, however, existed in previous versions, but it becomes more precise core with the new Apple accessory.

The solution also allows to create chart type of graphics and to move specific items while maintaining connections created between the various elements. The editor ensures that its solution must suit users looking for complexity and richness, but also those who want to quickly scribble a sketch.

The Pro versions of the tool support each other AppleScript Scripting (OSX) Layer sharing, as a combination (OSX), inspection of the property objects, enhanced export options, or presentation mode. The OSX brick comes in two versions: the standard version is invoiced 99.99 dollars, the pro version 199.99 dollars. The briquie iOS is also available in two versions: the standard version is invoiced 49.99 dollars, the pro version 99.98 dollars. OmniGraffle is available in French.

The OmniGraffle website

5. Microsoft Office Visio

Last, but not least Certainly, here Microsoft Office Visio. To believe its competitors is the market leader! Visio allows creating professional diagrams, be it a flowchart captured from life, a complex scheme of computer network or a business process. Initiation of predefined charts and contextual advice possible to take the best tool in hand. UML standards (Unified Modeling Language) 2.4, BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) 2.0 and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) are integrated.

Especially, Microsoft sells the integration of the solution in all the other of its portfolio production tools (Office SharePoint 365 and allow visulaiser graphics). So “one-step connection to the Excel tables” changes graphs based on the data that feed the spreadsheet, in real time if necessary. What brings a healthy dose of dynamism to the whole. The collaborative dimension is not forgotten, with the ability to work on the same chart at the same time and display the comments correctors.

Side tariff, Visio Standard 2016 is charged € 399. Visio Professional 2016 costs € 739 on its side. It is used to display Excel data, working on the same chart at the same time or to secure the charts via precise management of rights. Visio Pro for Office 365 is available as a subscription: from € 11 per month on a subscription basis Office 365. It contains the same functionality as Visio Professional 2016.

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