3 days to go to Mars: the mad project of a scientist from NASA

If we are not currently able to get to where and when we want it in the infinity of space, it is a series of more technical constraints that the physical laws that hold us down. Too expensive material needs or the lack of sufficiently powerful and too inefficient technologies to make the trip … In terms of exploration, we do not know yet simple.

The scientist Philip Lubin published in in April 2015 a study entitled “Roadmap of interstellar travel,” which presents a variety of techniques to get faster in space. Among these techniques, the photon laser beam propulsion system (or solar radius) would transfer a spacecraft to a target destination in no time.

Go to Mars without leaving the earth

the scientist described the tremendous efficiency of the process in study: “with a laser of a meter, a spacecraft could be propelled about 26% the speed of light, ten minutes to a weight of 20 kilos. ” We could send to Mars a 100 kilos ship in just three days, with this system, all of which are provided directly from the earth’s surface without having to lift off the ground. However, only robots and automated driving with artificial intelligence would be sent to probe the depths of space

The scientist think that can ever be possible. “Recent advances make this go from science fiction to reality. There is no reason we can not do it. ” he says. The research team has received for this purpose a NASA grant to test the technology. The results of experiments translate what future science could offer space exploration in the near future.

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