20 years of web

There will be 20 years on Saturday, www was born when the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee made his plan public.

Happy Birthday Tim!

This special issue could celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TIM. Indeed, Tim Berners-Lee (Timothy John Berners-Lee’s real name), to whom we owe the web, had thought of several names before throwing his sights on World Wide Web. TIM did not refer to his name, but under The Information Mine.

The business of the Web

The domain name market is very, very lucrative. As proof, Facebook recently bought the address for $ 8.5 million, or 42 times the amount that the company had paid in 2005 to record the name of its current site, The domain the most expensive in history is, which was sold for $ 13 million in October 2010.

World Wide Wait: Caught in the Web

The high-speed packages that delight users do not always exist. Remember the days of dialing to connect-able and interminable minutes expected for some pages are displayed. In the late 1990s, the network congestion due to its popularity has earned the nickname of the Web World Wide Wait.

A common mistake

Everyone has already received the error message “404 page not found” the screen returns when a page not found. The code 404 is now part of the culture of the web. Rumor has it that this number comes from the 404 Office of the European Organization for Nuclear Research – where Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau invented the World Wide Web – in which a failed server must always be resumed …

Triple double v (WWW)

More and more companies fail to display the prefix www in front of their address. It leaves all the space on behalf of the company. It is more direct. Simply say “double v double v double v” is wasting a lot of saliva. On the Web, campaigns are to ban the famous www. Other currents, in contrast, argue that the prefix is ​​separated from the web and must be preserved.

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