20 Cool Inventions for everyday life

There are elements and new devices that make getting easier everyday life, no matter where we are, either the kitchen, office, bedroom or the car. gathered for you some inventions that are really Cool . All that remains is to thank the minds that created them.

An alarm mat that stops ringing when you put your feet up

Spray nozzle for atomising the citrus juice

mirror ironing board

chair garden with lighting powered by solar energy.

mattress that men do not lose their arm as they embrace their loved ones.

Base holding nail polish

This useful element itchy cucumbers, or better, makes a spiral of them.

Mesa night with breakfast tray in bed

Network to put shoes in the dryer

chair-ball exercise

Roller especially comfortable for those difficult corners

Rag-gel to clean where a common cloth could not do.

batteries that are recharged from the USB port


butter knife to cut just out of the refrigerator

Scooter case it becomes

Backpack for cyclists signaling

Portable peg recharged by sunlight

An excellent idea for a small


Machine-art training


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