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What sports good to Strengthen My Back?

Back pain is not a cons-to the practice of physical activity! Quite the contrary. Past the painful period, it is very often recommended to take over the sport. Strong muscles can indeed provide good support to the spine. What are the recommended activities? And which to avoid? Answers.

In all cases, the exercises should be painless. If you feel tension in the spine, stop your activity and see …. Lumbago, slipped disc, sciatica or otherwise, only your doctor will characterize the nature of your pain. It will also tell you if you can or you continue your activities and how hard.

What sports favored?

Three disciplines are particularly recommended for athletes suffering from back. Swimming, cycling and walking. In the pool or on a bike, your body is worn. Your spine and your joints are somehow freed from your body burden. Moreover, swimming is often recommended as part of rehabilitation.  You may very well turn to water aerobics, which will allow you to smooth muscle.

Regarding the bike, some precautions are necessary. The framework must be adapted to your body and the saddle, set so that your feet barely touch the ground. Important: While you practice, try to keep yourself straight.

Walking will help you strengthen your back and hips. Start gradually. Prefer, at least initially a flat terrain and do not forget to choice your walking shoes. Activities such as yoga or stretching will also help you stretch your spine.

Sports to avoid?

As it is advisable to practice the disciplines “made” those who favor the strain is not recommended .. Some, such as rugby, football, handball or basketball require frequent changes of direction and expose them to back pain. As the jumps in athletics, activities inducing falls (judo. ..) are indicated … .Finally, limit the practice of sports that require asymmetric efforts such as tennis or golf.

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