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United States: Born without arms, he is an expert at archery

Matt Stutzman, born without arms, gives life to his dreams. Despite his handicap, he managed to join the national team archery in the United States.

Matt Stutzman has reached its objectives, it is now part of the national team of archery in the United States. However, this American is deprived of his arms since birth! He learned over the years to use his feet to make the gestures of everyday life.

The archer is an example of courage and perseverance. He wants to change the way people deal with disabilities, and for it to go beyond its capabilities. He managed to thrive in the sport, but it is also able to integrate into the world of work. Matt Stutzman, who has been working in a factory that makes equipment for making bows, video shows how he manages to assemble a stabilizer. The beginning of the process to packaging material, it is present and works independently.

Now the next goal for Matt Stutzman is to participate in the Paralympic Games in 2012. Its ambition is such that for him, the goal is not to be recognized as the best of the disabled, but to be simply the best.








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