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Trail running Shoes: make the right choice

Let things clearly: the trail running is not a sport for beginners. It requires a good dose of motivation, because it is still a race over 42 km, which paved the parties must not exceed 15% of the course. But the material is equally important. For the selection of good shoes, follow the advice below:

– First, ask yourself which category you belong racing. If you run less than 30 miles a week, no need to invest in expensive shoes. However, if you are a hard, choose shoes with a price range techniques from 80 to 140 euros. Anyway, remember to renew every 1 500 km;
– The weight and sex should also be taken into account. If you are light, choose a light pair and vice versa. The shoes are actually designed with a cushioned, depending on weight. Different brands have models tailored to women, that is to the feet, finest, and other men. It is possible to find two sizes, one long and one wide. Other brands offer the same lacing into two parts (front and top of the foot) always approach the shape of the foot “;

– As for hiking, choose your trail shoes a size above your own. During the test, in fact, your feet tend to swell. Not to mention that during the raids, the toes will hit the bottom of the shoe. Beware of shocks in nails …;

– Since you think outside the box, choose the resistance. There are even models with rockfall. Most have spikes. Spacing will depend on the land on which you practice.
– A good cushioning you can better absorb the shocks, thus feel less fatigue and trauma;
– Breathable shoes facilitate faster evacuation of perspiration and allow you to keep your feet dry. This will delay the appearance of blisters;

– Running in the morning, it’s nice but it also means, frolicking in the dew. The choice of a waterproof membrane can be useful. “When we should evolve in a humid environment, the mini-gaiter is the perfect companion for a pair of tight shoes”.
– Finally, no trail shoes without socks techniques. Make sure they are strengthened to the most requested in the shoe: heel, toe and the arch of the foot.

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