The discovery in Antarctica stunned the planet

Geologists have found that some parts of Antarctica are growing at a rate up to five millimeters per year. Article scientists appeared in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, and its summary results publication New Scientist.

GPS reports collected over the past 15 years. The analysis showed that some regions, in particular, Ellsworth Mountains, growing at a fairly high speed. The rest of Antarctica is also rising, but much more slowly.

According to researchers, the increase is due to a gradual decrease in the mass of the Antarctic tectonic plate from the melting ice. As a result of the continent actually emerges from the mantle (this is known as isostatic rise. Currently, Antarctica is losing about 200 billion tons of ice a year, however, the modern rise may be a reaction to the loss of ice 5-10 thousand years ago.

Previously, a similar increase was found in Greenland. In some regions of the island it is up to 4 inches per year. At this rate of isostatic recovery increases with time – so that by 2004 the figure was 1 – 0.5 cm. For comparison, in the year Greenland loses 300 billion tons of ice.

It is noteworthy that at the present time Antarctica is growing not only upwards but also in part – in recent years, an increase of area of ​​glaciers on the southern continent. This phenomenon has also been explained by global warming.

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