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Sport: nutrition, training is invisible

Alcohol consumption in limited quantities, abstinence from tobacco and diet: to be fully beneficial physical activity should be part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete or confirmed on Sunday, keep in mind these tips. You will avoid the shortcomings and other “Knackered”.

The importance of breakfast. The athlete should begin the day with a breakfast consisting of. On training days, it must be programmed 1h30 to 2h before the start of it. Its content is not original: a fluid intake (tea, coffee …), a milk, a serving of fruit and carbohydrates (bread, cereal …). Note, however, that training on an empty stomach is also possible under three conditions: it must not be heavy, do not exceed 30 to 40 minutes and be followed by a good breakfast.

In general, no way to engage in a dictatorship of the diet, or you are on a diet. Your watchword must remain balanced. In terms of distribution of meals during the day (do not jump) and their content.

Before Training “The meal prepares the body for the sport,” says Marie-Pierre Olivieri dietician in Paris. The menu of slow carbohydrates. “They are energy intake that will allow the effort.” Also, make sure a supply of fruit and vegetables (raw vegetables, fresh fruit compote …) for their richness in vitamins and minerals.

During exercise the power in the effort is mainly dependent on the duration and intensity of the latter. Beyond one hour, your body will demand of sugar. Take for example some dried fruit or a cereal bar. Above all, stay hydrated.

After? The goal is to help the body recover from his efforts. Slow carbohydrates are always welcome – either as a main course or dessert – as well as fruits and vegetables. As for protein, they “repair muscle damage, tendon.” Particularly prefer white meat or fish, that will maximize your iron intake. This observation does not mean that the beef should be excluded from the power of sport.

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