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Sport and sleep: mutual friendship

The sport is motivation, suitable equipment and … a good night! Sleep in fact, is a key ally to keep fit. And according to experts, the fact of physical activity would improve the quality of our nights. Explanations.

At night, our biological clock runs at full speed. Located in the hypothalamus, it prepares our body to face the next day. As emphasized Professor Damien Leger, president of the Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, “sleep and especially deep sleep, creates the conditions necessary for our daily performance and balance our energy.”

Just like food, sleep would be part of what athletes call “drive invisible.” Logically, deprivation – acute or chronic – of sleep disrupts physical performance. Thus “the act of sleeping less than 6 hours in increments of 24 hours, is associated with impaired health and difficulty of recovery,” says Damien Leger.

However, the practice of physical activity for one hour, 3-4 times a week, promotes sleep onset and sleep quality. Specialists are particularly highlight the effects antidepressants and antianxiety sport.

Sport in the evening? Yes, but …

Of course, if you can not practice in the evening, do not deprive yourself. However, do not take a shower after your workout too hot. It may further raise your body temperature, which is really not conducive to good sleep.

For the same reason, also make sure the temperature of your room. Ideally, it should not exceed 18 ° C. Other basic rules of hygiene promote the arrival of the sandman: the fact of light dinner, without fat or alcohol. Avoid drinking caffeine (tea, coffee, cola) in the evening after 6pm.

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