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Sport against anxiety, it’s all good!

You feel anxious, stressed? Have you tried the sport? Walking, running, biking … whatever the intensity with which it is practiced, physical activity is a natural treatment against this feeling of insecurity, which could ruin your life. In your shoes!

“The practice of physical activity leads to decreased expression of anxiety,” said Dr. Patrick Laure in Physical Activity and Health. Many studies have also highlighted the benefits of aerobic activities. In other words endurance activities like walking, hiking or running. Other studies have reported an anxiolytic effect can be achieved with intense exercise very short, about 5 minutes.

Not surprisingly, Patrick Laure emphasizes the aspect of regular practice. The practice of regular physical activity is integral to the lifestyle changes recommended for patients with anxiety disorders. Just like a “sufficient amount of sleep,” a “balanced diet”, and limited or no consumption “of alcohol, coffee, tobacco and drugs.”

However, few authors have examined the effectiveness of physical activity as adjuvant treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If anxiety is a “feeling that can be considered normal,” TAG specialists speak of when it becomes excessive, uncontrollable and source of suffering. So much so that it can disrupt the whole of everyday life.

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