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NBA: two weeks of additional lockout

NEW YORK (Reuters) – On Friday  leaders of the NBA announced that two more weeks of the regular season championship basketball were canceled due to financial disagreements between the owners of the franchises and players.

The conflict that has lasted four months seems hopeless. This is the third time that the federation postponed the start of matches.

The entire pre-season was canceled and the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 regular season scheduled to begin on November 1.

The origin of the dispute are the loss of money saved by many teams because of the long-term contracts to players whose salaries accounted for 57% of revenues from the championship.

The owners argue that this situation affects 22 of the 30 clubs in the NBA as players feel that this number is only 10.

Players said they were willing to make concessions on wages in order to save money over the next five years, but they refuse to touch the salary-cap facilities and guarantees provided when signing contracts.

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