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NBA: the extraordinary story of Jeremy Lin

TORONTO (Reuters) – American-born Taiwanese, Jeremy Lin is becoming the last extraordinary history of the NBA.

At 23, the playmaker of the New York Knicks has become in the space of ten days an NBA star, especially while attending the sideline before.

Tuesday, Jeremy Lin has written a new chapter in his budding legend in NBA with the Knicks to a 90-87 victory over the floor of the Toronto Raptors with a three-point basket full of coolness to a half second of siren.

Lin is now entrust that to which the Knicks the ball in the final seconds of a match. He scored the final six points and his team once again finished top scorer of the match with 27 points, all complemented by 11 assists.

In an American basketball where chance has little place, the course of Jeremy Lin is completely atypical.

The Harvard student, the prestigious university in Boston best known for “out” of Presidents of the United States as the biggest names in basketball, is not derived from the draft and had several failures before getting to the top .

Challenged successively by the Dallas Mavericks (defending champions), Golden State Warriors to San Francisco and Houston Rockets, the young man ended up sitting at the far end of the Knicks’ bench last December.

In early February, two stars of the team, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, are injured and Lin is launched into the deep end.


The American-Taiwanese in physical mundane compared to athletes in the NBA but the mind of iron, immediately seizes his chance. He followed the great matches and the Knicks, authors of a disappointing start to the season, recovering to win.

For the Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, Jeremy Lin is promised a future outsized. “This kid is a tough guy, but that we do know that when put on the floor. It is a hard, with a huge mental.”

First Taiwanese player to evolve in the NBA, Lin ideally embodies the American success story, that of the boy shunned by experts and that requires hard work and tenacity.

“In life, we must be lucky. He had it and has succeeded in capturing. There are a lot of NBA players who can not,” said D’Antoni.

“It’s an extraordinary story, we must learn to appreciate and it is likely to last,” he predicted.

In Asia, “Linmania” has spread so quickly in the United States. Marketing agencies are rubbing their hands and see in Lin’s successor Yao Ming, the Chinese giant (2.29 meters) who took last year he had retired.

In New York, idolatry bordering on hysteria. The jerseys flocked Knicks snapped No. 17 and Madison Square Garden Co, team owner, saw its stock reach dizzying heights on the stock market.

According to experts, Jeremy Lin has the potential to become one of the most outstanding athletes in the history of sports in America.

“This is Tiger Woods before the scandal. I think he has it all. If he can continue to shine in match, its possibilities outside prosecutors are limitless,” Ronn Torossian Judge, CEO of 5W Public relations, which also refers to David Beckham and Michael Jordan.

“But it must first be a winner. If this is the case, I can tell you that we have never seen a phenomenon like this,” he adds.

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