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Lakers Swept, Phil Jackson Retires

The Lakers and Phil Jackson flew to Dallas hoping for their 12th championship. What they received was loss to the Dallas Mavericks–a blowout. The former championship Lakers were easily swept by the Mavericks. Players who aren’t starters made significant contributions to the game. Jason Terry made 11 of 14 shots for 32 points. J.J. Barea had 22 points and Peja Stojakovic added 21 points. “We’ve been doing it by committee all year long. There are a lot of guys who can make plays and make shots when it counts,” said , Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk scored 17 points. The Lakers had big leads in the first couple of games but didn’t follow through. The second quarter shined due to Jason Terry who was 5 of 6 for 3-pointers. Kobe Bryant couldn’t save the day. He shot average was low, 1 out of 5, and he had high turnovers. Bryant had 17 points. Pau Gasol had 10 points and 8 rebounds. Jason Terry hit nine 3-pointers and the Mavs won 122-86 advancing to the Western Conference finals.”It felt good tonight, but we know we’re only halfway home. We’ve got eight wins, but we need eight more. That’s our ultimate goal,” said Tyson Chandler. The embarrassing loss for the Lakers was made even worse with Odom and Bynum being ejected at the very end of the fourth quarter for flagrant fouls.

With this loss, Phil Jackson’s proceeds with his promise to retire at the end of the postseason. Kobe Bryant will probably miss him the most. “I grew up under him. The way I approach things, the way I think about things — not only basketball, life in general — comes from him. It’s a little weird for me to think of what next year is going to be like,” said Bryant. Phil Jackson, a Hall of Famer, will leave with a great record. Eleven championships. Talked into coming back this season, he viewed the loss as simply a challenge that wasn’t overcome and reflects on his coaching years. “It was a challenge bigger than we could beat this year. In all my hopes and aspirations, this is the final game that I’ll coach. It’s been a wonderful run,” he said.


Angelica Bee

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