In short – It is not a sport!

Washington – The U.S. Senate wants to ask the NFL about bonuses to injury.

NHL, NBA, NCAA and Major League Baseball are invited, too. Senator Dick Durbin will establish a committee that will listen to testimony about the bonus program to injuries in professional football and other major sports in the wake of revelations about the players of The Saints new Orleans, who received cash awards for tackles to injure opponents. Deputy Leader of the Senate Majority, an Illinois Democrat, said yesterday that he wanted to study the possibility of creating a law to criminalize such bonus systems to injury. “Let us refer to everyday life for a moment. If such a system was set up outside a football field, no one would raise the question [whether it is wrong]. You tell yourself, “someone paid you to find and hurt someone?”, “Durbin said during a conference call. “It’s beyond the sporting rules, or at least team, intentional infliction of injury to another person for a sum of money,” he said.

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