Global: the duel between German and American, a final hour before

Les Américaines célèbrent leur qualification pour les demi-finales, le 26 juin.

Les Bleues have not yet succeeded in overthrowing the world order of women’s football. If the revolution was close Friday at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, the German team finally preserved its omnipotence by eliminating French footballers on penalties at the end of suspense (1-1, tab 5 to 4) . For their part, the Americans, the stars of Soccer in a country where the sport is far more feminine than elsewhere, have neither shaken nor shone out of China in the quarterfinals (1-0) .

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Wednesday at 1 am (19 pm local time), the selections of Germany and the United States therefore find themselves in the semifinals of a tournament they have won twice each. That was in 1991 and in 1999 for American, also quadruple Olympic champions (1996, 2004, 2008 and 2012). Failing a home win in 2011, the Germans, champions eightfold in Europe, had they imposed in 2003 and 2007.

The US lead 2-1 in Cup World

The last World Cup confrontation between the two teams was in 2003 during a semifinal played in Portland (USA). The Germans, future world champions, had won 3-0. Four years ago, still in the United States, the Americans had imposed 3-2 in the quarterfinals. In 1991, during the First World in the history of women’s football, the USA had outscored Germany 5 to 2.

Nadine Angerer (maillot jaune) et Celia Sasic se félicitent après la victoire face à la France vendredi.

Since the beginning of the competition, these two teams have not particularly impressed observers. A judgment may be severe that must definitely their reputation and their potential. The Mannschaft is, indeed, the best attack the World Cup, with 20 goals scored. A figure flattering to qualify, since 10 achievements have been registered in the first game against the Ivorians. The Franco-German Celia Sasic, author of the penalty equalizer against France, is, meanwhile, the top scorer of the competition with six goals

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The United States possess them, the most hermetic defense of the World Cup. Only the Australian scored a goal in the whimsical Hope Solo, the last bastion (almost) impassable. With eleven judgments, the goalie with 175 selections displays an arrest rate of 91.7%. The confrontation with his counterpart Nadine Angerer, blameless against France in the quarter and often presented as the best in the world, could be a key to the game.

Hope Solo envoie un baiser à la foule après le huitième de finale face à la Colombie.

Except maybe the eighth final against Sweden (4-1), the German selection Silvia Neid was sometimes far from its reputation. Hung by Norway hen (1-1), the Germans were dominated as ever by the French. Shoved, sometimes even exceeded, they came to the mind and experience to pull their qualification.

An American public

Outfits defeat by Sweden (0-0), winners difficult Nigeria and China, long embêtées by Colombia (2-0 powerplay), the Americans are certainly solid but do not develop an impressive offensive game. The star Amy Wambach (one goal against Nigeria) alternates between the bench and mixed benefits. But the experienced striker 35, who has never won the competition will certainly be more motivated.

Buoyed by the excellent midfielders Megan Rapinoe (2 goals) and Carli Lloyd (2 goals) , the United States also have other advantages. Starting with public support, which should largely be in the colors of the Stars and Stripes. In both games the Blue in Montreal, he was already not uncommon to see young spectators and families dressed American shirts. It is not difficult to imagine that the tricolor atmosphere will give way to the sports fervor and passion for the US Soccer .

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