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Depression and Physical activity

Physical activity really benefits patients suffering from depression. According to U.S. physicians who conducted a study on the subject, the sport could even – in some cases – be a substitute for antidepressants.

As emphasized Dr. Madhukar Trivedi of the Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, “after starting treatment, many depressed patients feel better, but certainly less than before.” Should we prescribe in this case a second antidepressant?

For the doctor the answer is clearly “no.” And for good reason, he made a study of patients from 18 to 70 years. All suffered from depression for at least seven years and took medication. Researchers have imposed sessions running on carpet and elliptical trainer and a psychiatric. Result after 12 weeks, one third of them, according to doctors, got a “full recovery”. Five displayed “significant improvement”.

“It turned out that moderate exercise was more effective in women with a family history of mental illness, while more intense exercise was acting in those who had never had depression before. In men, the sustained activity has also shown its effectiveness. And, regardless of their history of depression, “conclude the researchers.


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