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Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Real and the transfer window!

After a season marked by the title of Mourinho at the helm of Real Madrid (Copa del Rey), Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Marca with the Merengue on its second year, with his usual determination to win.

To those who fear his supposed taste for petrodollars of Manchester City, Ronaldo answered unequivocally. After two seasons in the Spanish capital, the Portuguese does not go out on a close observation of the failure (a King’s Cup as the only title since his arrival), and renewed his love for Real Madrid. Sure of himself and the enormous potential of his teammates, the former strong man of the Red Devils is always higher, sharing a sacred goal with Jose Mourinho: Merengue offer the 10th Champions League history. Admire the thirst for victories of his fellow coach, Ronaldo did not hide that he is largely responsible for their well-being in Madrid.

Despite stunning statistics in the last year (40 goals in La Liga, 53 goals in all competitions!), The 26 year old attacking midfielder is far from sated. Competition with its perceived Lionel Messi (31 goals in La Liga and also 53 goals in all competitions!) Did not passionate, the person admitting to be ready to trade without hesitation his title against top scorer in La Liga title Champion or Champions League. Ambitious to the end studs, Ronaldo wants to challenge the hegemony Catalan, and regardless of the time needed to get there. Recalling the victory in Madrid against Barcelona in the last domestic cup, he warns that rival firm refuses to see as an adversary unbeatable, just like any team.

A look at the Madrid mercato

Incontestable in the workforce Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is not shy to give his opinion about the transfer window of his team. Citing his good understanding with Adebayor, he presents as the bon vivant essential to any wardrobe, it is also a fan of Sergio Agüero and Neymar, two players in the viewfinder of president Florentino Perez. In addition, the medium does not deprive Lusitanian prepare a eulogy for a future rookie Fabio Coentrão, partner selection in Portuguese and soon in a club. With a workforce again renewed, frames and kept the players who are expected to finally realize their talent (think Karim Benzema), Real led by a tandem Portuguese conqueror has what it takes to write a new chapter in its extraordinary history of gold.

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