Cancer: more investment in research

MONTREAL – The Canadian Cancer Society acknowledges that increased the amount spent on fundraising efforts, but denies having diverted from its mission, which is not reserved only for research.

10 years ago, the company invested $ 82 million for the fight against cancer, while this year, more than $ 127 million to be paid for a mission which it defines as “the eradication of cancer and improving the quality of life for people living with cancer and their families. ”

In a statement, the company maintains that it is always the research that has the largest share of funds. Last year, $ 48 million was allocated to this priority. This represents an average year, 40 percent of funds raised.

Society must defend its budget decisions, after a storm of criticism accusing him to invest more in its financing activities in the research.

According to a TV report, the share of the Company’s revenues directed to the researchers declined steadily over the past decade. For cons, the money reinvested in the fund raising has increased significantly.

The Company argued that the money raised is spent on programs and services to Canadians as well as various issues related to cancer. She admits to have expanded and diversified its financing activities across the country to continue its actions. In this way, she said, reaching more Canadians reach and attract more donors.

Founded in 2001 to defend and give a voice to people affected by cancer, Cancer Coalition priority for its part considers that the research must remain the focus of struggle. There is no doubt in the minds of his vice president, Nathalie Rodrigue, that investment is essential. In his view, the Canadian Cancer Society might have to review its priorities and do not try to expand what already exists elsewhere.

“There are about 130 community groups that provide services to patients in the field. Resources are already there and they need funding, not duplication of services, “said Ms. Rodriguez.

She is also concerned about the effects of this controversy and doubts that may be sown and in the minds of donors.

“We, what we fear is that a situation like this causes a decrease in donations, not only for the Canadian Cancer Society, but also for several other, smaller, that do not benefit from United Way funding, “said Ms. Rodriguez.

The Coalition includes priority as cancer patients and survivors, their families and loved ones wishing to strengthen the organization of the fight against cancer.

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