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Breakfast: the first meal of the athlete

To be healthy we must eat balanced. Breakfast, first meal of the day, is essential to provide the energy for any physical activity. Swimming, running, elliptical and even summer hiking … put up a breakfast worthy of the name. Quick reminder of key.

“Breakfast is a meal like no other,” says Dr. Stéphane Cascua in power for athletes. Since it comes after the night’s rest, “the rate of blood sugar is low, the energy reserves almost exhausted and the water capital started,” he adds. Breakfast needs to offset this expenditure of energy at night, allowing the body to perform its vital functions.

The first meal should include “at least 25% to 30% of energy intake for the day.” Hydration, protein intake, vitamins, minerals, fiber … the needs are varied and important. Especially if you’re going to intensive physical activity.

Your breakfast should be taken at least 1:30 before starting your workout or go on mountain trails for hiking. If you are planning a basketball game or other competition, eat at least 3 hours before heating. Your meal must consist of one element of each of these food categories:
– A hot or cold drink to stay hydrated;
– A dairy products like cheese, yogurt or a cheese, to provide protein and calcium that your body needs;
– One serving of fruit, fresh or in salads, stewed, baked or juice for vitamins;
– To cover the intake you need in complex carbohydrates, eat bread, preferably whole, or a bowl of cereal.
– Finally, if you like sweet, do not deprive yourself of a square of dark chocolate or a little honey. Breakfast in fact, should also be fun. A day started with a smile, it’s a good day!

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