Barry Bonds Found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

The verdict is finally in. After the jury deliberated for four days, the verdict of one count of obstruction of justice was reached. Barry Bonds was charged with lying under oath three times about his alleged steroid use. Bonds’ lead defense lawyer Allen Ruby said, “The counts which alleged steroids, which alleged needles, which alleged human growth hormone, those were mistried.”  “There was no conviction, no verdict, no finding adverse to Barry Bonds.” The U.S. Attorney in San Francisco,  Melinda Haag, is contemplating a retrial due to Bonds only being found guilty on one minor count. She said, “This case is about upholding one of the most fundamental principles in our system of justice — the obligation of every witness to provide truthful and direct testimony in judicial proceedings,” she said in a statement. “In the United States, taking an oath and promising to testify truthfully is a serious matter. We cannot ignore those who choose instead to obstruct justice. We will decide whether to seek a retrial of the defendant on the remaining counts as soon as possible.” For the count of obstruction of justice, Bonds faces up to 10 years in prison. It may be 15-21 months according to the federal guidelines.

When asked if Greg Anderson had given him a syringe filled with steroids or anything to inject into himself, Barry Bonds did not answer simply yes or no. Instead he went into a long drawn out story explaining how he met Anderson and about his life as a celebrity child. During this story he never answered the question. The jury felt all of his answers were very evasive. This prompted the jury to find him guilty of obstruction.



Angelica Bee

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