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Archery: Health on target

Exploits of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, Olympic title in Barcelona Sebastien Flute in 1992, archery has come a long way. Spotlight on the sport of precision, which is combines physical strength and mental toughness.

The archery is passable by all. As emphasized by the Federation of Archery (FTA) on its website that “sport is suitable for all ages, all body types, and virtually all disabilities.”

Balance and concentration

Perched on your support, you request mainly muscles of the back, shoulders, abdominal and arm. The tendons of the fingers, arms and shoulders are also tested. This discipline contributes to a better coordination of your movements and balance. If you hope to put in the miles, you will also need to control. The archery is so perfect for channeling your energy and exercises your concentration. So a great ally anti-stress.

Apart from these purely technical virtues, you will also find all the cardiovascular benefits of walking. Have you thought if you give the sport? For younger children (from 8 years), it will also be an excellent exercise for the calculation of points…

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