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American football and health

The retired football players would be more prone to cognitive impairment than the general population. A study in the U.S., estimates that 35% of these former players are victims of memory disorders.

Professor Christopher Randolph, of Loyola University in Chicago, followed 513 retired American football mean age, 61. They have answered a questionnaire to assess their memory, and ask if the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. “In these former athletes, we found cognitive impairment more frequently than in the general population,” says the author. “But patients with these disorders are more likely a few years later, to develop Alzheimer’s disease.”

According to Professor Randolph, shocks inflicted to the head, and repeated falls related to this sport, would promote more rapid development of the disease. Of course, this does at present only a hypothesis. “Our work is still very preliminary. We need to conduct further studies to confirm the impact of sport on the occurrence of cognitive impairment, “he said in his conclusions.

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