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2012 Olympics: no handshakes for British athletes

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has recommended its athletes to avoid handshakes with other athletes and guests of the Summer Olympics 2012 in order to minimize the risk of contamination, the BBC reported.

The chief doctor of the BOA was concerned about the large number of athletes and visitors who will attend the Olympics, by increasing the risk of infection, particularly by touch.
Asked about the need to avoid shaking hands, the doctor responded affirmatively, saying it had to be done in a reasonable manner.

“Athletes can be prevented from carrying out a good result either because of illness or because of trauma. We talk about the need to minimize this risk and it’s just hygiene”, said the doctor.

However, the initiative of the British athletes BOA leaves quite skeptical. One of them wrote on Tweeter: “It does not make much sense, bit pointless unless u r going to run around with disinfectant 4 every surface you come into contact with.”

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