Syria: a ground offensive of the regime covered by Russian aviation

Image d'un bombardement russe à Hama, dans le centre de la Syrie, provenant d'images filmés par un groupe rebelle syrien.

Image of a Russian bombardment in Hama in central Syria, from images filmed by a Syrian rebel group Photo credit:. Syrian Revolutionary Command Council in Hama / AP

GRAPHICS – Vladimir Putin announced on Russian television that his forces would support the ground offensive launched by Assad in the center of the country against Islamist rebels and moderate

• A ground offensive of the Syrian army

The Syrian army on Wednesday launched a broad ground operation in the center of the country with the support of aviation Russian. “The Syrian army and its allies began an extensive ground operation in the northern province of Hama with the Russian air cover,” said a Syrian military source.

The offensive in the province of Hama aim “of the outskirts of villages Latmine, west of Morek, in order to then head towards Kafr Zeita.”

The source said the army is fighting in this sector a group of opposition forces, including moderates and Islamist rebels, and the branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, the Al-Nosra Front.

“In its last operations, the Syrian army tries to cut the southern parts of Idleb areas north of Hama, “the source said. The province of Idleb is controlled by the Army of Conquest, including a rebel coalition composed of Al-Nosra Front, which seeks to strengthen its presence in the neighboring province of Hama.

The military source also said the ground operation was to secure a section of a nearby motorway linking Damascus to Aleppo via Hama, half of which is controlled by the regime.

The next Russian military operations in Syria ” will be synchronized with the ground operations of the Syrian army , and the forces of the Air Force (Russian) effectively support the offensive of the Syrian army, “Putin said, according to About televised.

• A week of Russian strikes

past week, the Russians are carrying out air strikes against Syria groups “terrorists” whose EI. Putin also announced that four Russian warships in the Caspian Sea had fired 26 rockets at positions of the Islamic state in Syria. But Russia does not just hit Daech and considers “terrorist” any group opposed to Assad.

“From September 30 to date, strikes hit targets 112 . The intensity of the strikes increasing, “welcomed the Minister of Defence Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.


In a speech on television, the Russian president said “the French President Hollande, expressed an interesting idea that it might be possible, in his opinion, to try to unite the efforts of the government forces of President Assad and called Free Syrian Army. ”

” The president spoke of the necessary presence of the Syrian opposition about a possible negotiating table. The rest is not a French idea, “immediately denied Holland’s entourage.

” Before we fought Daech alongside the Syrian army will require the one who introduced Daech in Syria The Syrian regime is held responsible “for his part said Bashar al Zoubi, leader of an armed group fighting under the banner of ASL.

• Holland warns against a “total war”

The French president spoke Wednesday afternoon with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He warned against a “total war” if Europe does not act in Syria and the region.

“If we let religious clashes amplify, do not think we will be safe: it will be a total war,” warned Hollande to MEPs. “We must build in Syria, with all those who can contribute to a political future that gives the Syrian population an alternative but Assad or Daech,” he reiterated.

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