Portugal: the right ahead of the Socialist opposition for election

The Portuguese voted to decide on the legislative elections without much enthusiasm on Sunday. The center-right coalition in power is given overwhelming favorite against the socialist opposition that promises a relaxation of the austerity cure imposed on the country for four years. Sunday at 16 hours, less than one in two voters (44.38%) had voted, slightly more than at the same time the legislative elections of 2011 (41.98%), which had been marked by a record abstention.

The ruling coalition since 2011, led by Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, was credited with 37.5% of the vote against 32.5% for the Socialist Party, led by Antonio Costa, the former Mayor of Lisbon, according to recent polls. These are the first legislative elections since that Portugal has managed to get last year’s bailout of the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

out the country from the abyss Financial

Followed the microscope by the Portuguese, the Greek crisis should, too, enjoy the right coalition, which has not hesitated to assimilate the Portuguese PS to Syriza party. But the right is far from assured of a clear mandate to govern. Lack of potential allies, any minority the right government would face the Parliament by a majority of the left, certainly very divided.

In May 2014, the country was freed from the tutelage of the troika (EU -IMF-ECB) without requesting an extension, an asset of weight Passos Coelho argued Perdo. Today, after an unprecedented austerity cure, the country is experiencing an economic recovery, albeit still fragile, and unemployment is falling.

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