Brazil indignation after an embarrassing telephone listening to Lula and Dilma Rousseff

Sur l'avenue Paulista à Sao Paulo, le 16 mars.

This recommendation was widely interpreted as confirmation that one of the objectives of the arrival of Lula in the Executive was to protect against a potential investment in imminent detention in the context of the Petrobras deal. The Moro judge had made a brief call on March 4 at his home for questioning on suspicion of “corruption” and “money laundering”. In other wiretapping, Lula said he expected a police operation on Monday at his home in Sao Paulo. However, once minister, who has a privileged status and can not criminally responsible for his actions that before the Federal High Court

“Resignation! Resign! “

Sur l'avenue Paulista à Sao Paulo, le 16 mars.

The publication of these plays has caused an uproar in Congress and the Senate, where parliamentarians from the opposition angrily chanted his fist “Resignation! Resign! “. Thousands of outraged Brazilians have also flocked in the evening before the Presidency of the Republic in Brasilia and São Paulo. In the economic capital of the country, the crowd had gathered on the great Paulista Avenue at the foot of the skyscraper housing the powerful Federation of Industries, illuminated in the national colors green and yellow striped and a huge inscription: ” impeachment now “ (reference to pricédure impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff by the opposition). pans concerts also sounded in the affluent neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro.

The Presidency immediately responded to these revelations by announcing that “judicial and administrative measures” would be taken to “repair the flagrant violation of the law and the Constitution committed by the judge “ Moro. She argued that M me Rousseff had sent to Lula’s decree of appointment only for his signature and becomes official. He added that the latter has indicated that it would surely not be present in Brasilia to his inauguration scheduled this “Thursday” . What rendorcer suspicion of protest: the Minister of Civil house Jaques Wagner, who ceded his post to former head of state, had said in the morning that his successor would be invested the following Tuesday.

“When a rich steals, he became minister! “

entangled in a major political crisis and referred to a parliamentary impeachment uglier every day, M me Rousseff publicly called his mentor to the rescue last week. Lula, who chaired the socio-economic miracle of the 2000s, has a political stature and bargaining power that it sorely when his parliamentary coalition threatens to implode. Saturday, the centrist PMDB party, pillar of the ruling majority, has thus given 30 days to decide whether to walk out of the government

“the arrival of Lula will strengthen my government” had thought to welcome the Head of State in the evening, before the outbreak of the bomb of wiretapping. Many Internet users were then ironically by looping on social networks a famous phrase uttered by former President in 1988 when he was a trade unionist:

“In Brazil, when a poor flies, it will in prison. When a rich steals, he became minister! “

” This is an admission of guilt and a slap in the society. The president, inviting, is his accomplice. The final chapter of this story will be the dismissal “ M me Rousseff, had his side launched the deputy Antonio Imbassahy, parliamentary leader of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (center-right).

Alongside the tumult, the Supreme Court Wednesday set the rules of the journey of the impeachment process launched in December at the initiative of the rightwing opposition. The Supreme Court has given the kickoff of the resumption of hostilities in parliament in an explosive climate.

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