The “Phubbing” (for Partner phone snubbing) is the term used to describe the fairly innocuous phenomenon to be distracted by telephone while one is with her partner( Phubbing: The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention. ). Now a new study from Baylor University in Texas showed that “Pphubbing” would have negative consequences on the level of satisfaction of couples and thus negatively affect the feeling of happiness. “What we have discovered is that when one of the two partners realize that the spouse” Pphubb “it created a conflict. And it decreases the level of satisfaction within the couple” says James Roberts, professor marketing and co around the study. “This reduction in the level satisfaction in married life can affect your happiness and increase the risk of depression.”

In reaching these conclusions, the researchers created a scale of “Phubbing” who gets statements like “my partner puts his phone at your fingertips when you are together” or “my spouse is on her phone when talking to me.” In addition, over 46% of respondents reported being “Ppuhbber” by their partner. “When you realize the results, it’s quite frightening,” says Roberts. “Like what, a futile thing a phone can affect our happiness or our married life”

Pantano Audrey