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What is Radiography?

A radiographcan viewmost of the organs. Radiologybone, joint or spine, radiology pulmonary, urinary ordigestive, ASP (forabdomen without preparation) … its fieldsof applicationare numerous.

Conduct of the examination
Radiography is the use of X-rays The beam isemitted fromasource (a tube)and fixednon-rotatingasthe scanner.The raysare more or lessabsorbedby the tissues- depending onthe densityof the latter-before beingcollected onaphotosensitive filmplaced behind thepatient.On the plate, x-rays leave a tracemore or lessopaque,depending on the densityof the tissuestraversed.

Ifspecificexploration(of the digestive tract or arichly vascularizedorgan) for example the doctor may decidepriortothe injectionof contrast. Thisimprovesthe readability of theimages.

Potential hazardsof radiography

Radiographic examinationis not painful.And there is noindication-cons, however,some precautionsmustbe taken, especially if pregnant orlactatingwomen. If you areconcerned,you should informthe radiologist.

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