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What is made up of dental plaque?

Plaque is the yellowish substance and tenacious that develops on the surface of the tooth. What is it due to? Accuse Tobacco, get up!

Dental plaque is the white stuff that looks like soggy bread and sticks to your teeth, especially at the gumline.  It is made up of old food and food debris that is then colonized by the bacteria that we have in our mouth.  It takes about 24 hours for plaque to form.

At the root of many cancers, periodontal disease or halitosis, smoking is indeed involved in many diseases affecting the oral cavity. However, it is not responsible for the formation of dental plaque … nor calculus elsewhere. Plaque is made ​​up of saliva and food residue. Tobacco use is not involved in the process.

This may suggest that smokers are more prone it is probably due to the brownish color that sometimes assume their teeth. This is indeed related to the deposits left by nicotine …

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